Real-time streaming of Spaceek or third party sensor input into our parking engine allows us to deliver an end-to-end solution to garage owners, operators and municipalities. This information underlies the capability to manage the parking inventory in an optimal way, earning increased revenue and delivering improved services to clients. This data becomes the foundational basis for the implementation of ‘smart parking’ for Smart Cities.

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Spaceek Collect

Spaceek’s integrated solution collects real-time data from a variety of sensor inputs which is then aggregated in its unique cloud based engine.


The sensor data is analyzed, monitored and recorded for access via our dashboard, which provides real-time viewing of occupancy, analytics and network status.

The data can be further distributed to indoor signs in support of an affordable parking guidance system, to municipal on-street signs and to the Spaceek mobile navigation app.

Based on occupancy data, we provide enforcement alerts so that parking enforcement can be done on a directed basis, instead of a predetermined schedule.


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